Info and materials for the RevBayes workshop held at NIMBioS

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Phylogenetic Inference Using RevBayes

Workshop at NIMBioS - Knoxville, TN USA

August 7-11, 2017


Workshop Preparation

To prepare for the workshop, please see detailed information:

Workshop Schedule

Workshop Topics

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Monday, 7 August - Höhna & Hülsenbeck


Practical: Introduction to RevBayes

Practical: Models of Molecular Evolution

Tuesday, 8 August - Höhna, Hülsenbeck, & Freyman


Practical: Model Selection

Practical: Partition Models

Practical: Model Fit

Practical: MCMC & Convergence

Wednesday, 9 August - Höhna & Heath


Practical: Clock Models

Practical: Total Evidence Analysis under the Fossilized Birth-Death Process

Thursday, 10 August - Höhna, Goldberg, & Freyman


Practical: Basic diversification using constant-rate birth-death models

Practical: Diversification rates through time using episodic birth-death models

Practical: Branch-specific diversification rate estimation

Practical: Character state-dependent diversification

Practical: Biogeography

Friday, 11 August - Höhna & Boussau