RevBayes Hackathons

Members of the RevBayes development team meet periodicically to work on development objectives for the project. During these hackathons, we work on software design, new phylogenetic methods and models, documentation, etc. If you are interested in developing in RevBayes and joining a hackathon, please see the Developer page.

Hackathon Schedule

Date Location
April, 2023 Germany, Iowa, North Carolina, Illinois, Missouri (virtual)
October, 2021 Germany and Iowa (in person and virtual)
March, 2020 Germany, Iowa, North Carolina, Missouri, Spain (virtual)
March, 2018 University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA
November, 2015 LBBE, Lyon, France
March, 2014 LBBE, Lyon, France
August, 2011 University of California, Berkeley, USA