SSB 2023 Chamela Station Workshop on Phylogenetics and Comparative Method

Location: Chamela Biological Field Station, Institute of Biology, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Dates: 1/16, 2023 to 1/22, 2023
Instructors: Ivalú Cacho González, Stacey Smith, Tracy Heath, Alejandro Gonzalez Voyer, Rosana Zenil-Ferguson, Joseph Uyeda, Isabel Sanmartin, Ricardo García-Sandoval


The goal of this workshop is to offer a complete week-long immersion to the world of phylogenetic inference and the comparative method for students and postdocs. The instructors are international leaders in the field that will provide the theoretical foundation and practical tools to formulate and answer biological questions with a phylogenetic perspective. UNAM’s initiative to have this workshop in Mexico stems from the collective and deliberate effort of the Institute of Biology in collaboration with the Institute of Ecology, Faculty of Sciences, and Genomic Science Center.

This website will provide links to materials using RevBayes.


Before the course starts, please install the following software on your own computer:

Bayesian Inference and Divergence-Time Estimation (Tracy Heath)

Lecture Slides:

Workshop Tutorials (choose your own adventure):

Analysis of Biogeography (Isabel Sanmartín)

All materials:

Lecture Slides:

Workshop Tutorials:

Additional Materials

Helpful Video Lectures

Video Tutorials

  1. RevBayes Intro to MCMC
  2. RevBayes Substitution Models
  3. RevBayes Partitioned Data Analysis
  4. RevBayes FBD Tutorial
  5. RevBayes Convergence Assessment
  6. RevBayes Intro to Posterior Prediction
  7. History of Phylogenetic Comparative Methods
  8. Introduction to RevGadgets
  9. RevBayes BiSSE Tutorial