Bayesian phylogenetics and macroevolution in RevBayes

Location: Room D114, Museum of Paleontology, Richard-Wagner Str 10, LMU Munich, Germany
Dates: 9/17, 2019 to 9/17, 2019
Instructors: Sebastian Höhna, Allison Hsiang, Luiza Fabreti


This workshop will introduce participants to the theory and practice of phylogenetic inference methods for macroevolution using RevBayes. The one-day course is part of the "German Paleontological Society Meeting 2019".

The program for the one-day will entail: (1) An introduction to RevBayes, MCMC, and basic tree inference; (2) Estimating divergence times using molecular clocks; (3) Combining data from fossil and ling taxa. A detailed schedule is given below.

It is recommended that you review the Pre-workshop Materials listed below if you do not already have a strong understanding of likelihood-based phylogenetics, probability, and Bayesian inference. These video lectures are by Paul Lewis and provide a clear overview of these topics. Additionally, a list of papers describing RevBayes and graphical models is provided as suggested background reading.


Room D114, Museum of Paleontology, Richard-Wagner Str 10, LMU Munich, Germany


Before the course starts, please install the following software on your own computer:

Pre-workshop Materials

Please review the following materials before the workshop:


We recommend some selected papers for you to read prior to the workshop. These are not required and we will explain all the content throughout the workshop. However, some prior background knowledge will help to successfully work through the material.


Date Time Topic Material Instructors
Tuesday 09:40-10:30 Lecture: Introduction to Bayesian Phylogenetics and RevBayes Lecture slides 1 and Lecture slides 2 👨‍🏫
Tuesday 10:30-11:00 Morning Coffee
Tuesday 11:00-12:20 Lecture & Practical: Molecular Clocks
  • Molecular dating
  • Molecular dating
  • Lecture slides 3 and Lecture slides 4
  • 👨‍🏫
    Tuesday 12:20-13:20 Lunch 🥪
    Tuesday 13:20-14:40 Divergence Time Estimation (Time Calibration)
  • Molecular dating
  • Molecular dating
  • Lecture slides 5
  • 👨‍🏫
    Tuesday 14:40-15:10 Afternoon Coffee
    Tuesday 15:10-16:30 Total-Evidence Analysis
  • Molecular dating
  • Lecture slides 6
  • 👩🏻‍🏫, 👨‍🏫