Stay-at-Home RevBayes Workshop Summer 2020

Location: Anywhere (online-only event)
Dates: 7/13, 2020 to 8/12, 2020
Instructors: Joƫlle Barido-Sottani, Walker Pett, Josh Justison, Wade Dismukes, Luiza Fabreti, Tracy Heath, Jeremy M. Brown, Rosana Zenil-Ferguson


This free online-only RevBayes workshop will provide an introduction to the theory and use of RevBayes, with a focus on (1) tree inference from molecular data, (2) analyses combining fossil and extant taxa, and (3) evaluating MCMC performance, with advanced topics including assessing model adequacy and macroevolutionary analyses. Additional topics may be added depending on the interests of selected participants. The format will be a combination of interactive video sessions (via Zoom or similar tools), real-time discussions over Slack, self-guided tutorials, and pre-recorded videos.

The initial session will resolve technical issues and present the basics of using RevBayes. Participants will then be expected to work through several tutorials on their own schedule, with the help of pre-recorded materials. A Slack forum will be open for questions and issues. The workshop will conclude with several online Q&A sessions with the instructors. The dates for the interactive sessions are currently tentative and may be adjusted depending on the schedules of the participants and instructors.

We are hoping to identify up to 15 participants for this online course. While we hope we are able to accommodate everyone who applies, we realize that this may not be possible because of time-zones and availability. If the number of applicants exceeds our capacity, we hope to organize a second round of sessions later in the year. Participants will not be charged for the course, but we will request that they commit to completing the tutorials and attending a majority of interactive sessions.


Before the course starts, please install the following software on your own computer:
  • Participants will need access to a computer (Unix, Mac OSX, Windows) to complete the tutorials, as well as a web-enabled device (computer or mobile device) capable of running communication tools.
  • RevBayes v1.1
  • Tracer
  • FigTree
  • R (we also recommend RStudio)
  • A good text editor, such as Sublime Text, NotePad++, Atom, BBEdit, vim, or emacs
  • For communication we will use Zoom and Slack

Pre-workshop Materials

Please review the following materials before the workshop:


  • July 13: introductions, installation troubleshooting & basics of RevBayes
  • August 10-12 (tentative): Q&A sessions
  • Interactive sessions will be held over Zoom and the links will be announced on Slack.
  • Tutorials

    1. Introduction to MCMC using RevBayes
    2. Nucleotide substitution models
    3. Partitioned data analysis
    4. Estimating a Time-Calibrated Phylogeny of Fossil and Extant Taxa using Morphological Data
    5. Convergence assessment
    6. Introduction to Posterior Prediction
    7. Additional tutorials (optional)


    1. RevBayes Intro to MCMC
    2. RevBayes Substitution Models
    3. RevBayes Partitioned Data Analysis
    4. RevBayes FBD Tutorial
    5. RevBayes Convergence Assessment
    6. RevBayes Intro to Posterior Prediction
    7. History of Phylogenetic Comparative Methods
    8. RevBayes BiSSE Tutorial

    Workshop Code of Conduct

    All attendees and instructors have agreed to the terms outlined in the workshop code of conduct.

    Workshop SWAG

    Purchase t-shirts, stickers, mugs, etc. with the workshop logo on Redbubble!