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  • dnEBDP


dnEpisodicBirthDeath(RealPos lambdaRates, RealPos lambdaTimes, RealPos muRates, RealPos muTimes, Probability rho, RealPos rootAge, String samplingStrategy, String condition, Taxon[] taxa, Clade[] incompleteClades, TimeTree initialTree)


lambdaRates : RealPos (pass by const reference)
The piecewise-constant speciation rate.
lambdaTimes : RealPos (pass by const reference)
The speciation rate change times.
Default : [ ]
muRates : RealPos (pass by const reference)
The piecewise-constant extinction rate.
muTimes : RealPos (pass by const reference)
The constant extinction rate change times.
Default : [ ]
rho : Probability (pass by const reference)
The taxon sampling fraction(s).
Default : 1
rootAge : RealPos (pass by const reference)
The time of the process starting at the root, if applicable.
samplingStrategy : String (pass by value)
The sampling strategy of including taxa at the present.
Default : uniform
Options : uniform|diversified
condition : String (pass by value)
The condition of the process.
Default : time
Options : time|survival|nTaxa
taxa : Taxon[] (pass by const reference)
The taxa used for initialization.
incompleteClades : Clade[] (pass by const reference)
Vector of incompletely sampled clades with number of missing species.
Default : NULL
initialTree : TimeTree (pass by value)
Instead of drawing a tree from the distribution, initialize distribution with this tree.
Default : NULL

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