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An MCMC move that operates on empirical tree distributions.


mvEmpiricalTree(Tree tree, Bool metropolisHastings, RealPos weight, Probability tuneTarget)


tree : Tree (<stochastic> pass by reference)
The stochastic tree variable on which this moves operates.
metropolisHastings : Bool (pass by value)
If TRUE, use the regular Metropolis-Hastings acceptance ratio. If FALSE, always accept this move and sample every tree uniformly.
Default : TRUE
weight : RealPos (pass by value)
The weight how often on average this move will be used per iteration.
Default : 1
tuneTarget : Probability (pass by value)
The acceptance probability targeted by auto-tuning.
Default : 0.44


# Read in tree trace
tree_trace = readTreeTrace("output/my.trees", burnin=0.25)

# Create a distribution of trees
tree ~ dnEmpiricalTree(tree_trace)

# Add an MCMC move
moves[1] = mvEmpiricalTree(tree)

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