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fnInferAncestralPopSize(RealPos rootAge/originAge, RealPos lambda, RealPos mu, RealPos psi, RealPos omega, Probability rho, Probability removalPr, Natural maxHiddenLin, String condition, Real[] occurrence_ages, Real[] time_points, TimeTree timeTree, RealPos[] timeline, Bool verbose)


rootAge/originAge : RealPos (pass by const reference)
Start age of the process.
lambda : RealPos (pass by const reference)
Speciation/birth rate(s).
mu : RealPos (pass by const reference)
Extinction/death rate(s).
Default : 0
psi : RealPos (pass by const reference)
Serial sampling rate(s).
Default : 0
omega : RealPos (pass by const reference)
Occurrence sampling rate(s).
Default : 0
rho : Probability (pass by const reference)
Sampling probability at present time.
Default : 1
removalPr : Probability (pass by const reference)
Probabilit(y|ies) of death upon sampling (treatment).
Default : 0
maxHiddenLin : Natural (pass by const reference)
Maximum number of hidden lineages (algorithm accuracy).
Default : 30
condition : String (pass by value)
Condition of the process on the survival of either 1 (survival) or 2 lineages (survival2) to the present.
Default : none
Options : survival|survival2
occurrence_ages : Real[] (pass by const reference)
Vector of occurrence ages.
time_points : Real[] (pass by const reference)
Time points at which we compute the density.
timeTree : TimeTree (pass by value)
Tree for which ancestral pop. size has to be computed.
Default : NULL
timeline : RealPos[] (pass by const reference)
Rate interval change times of the piecewise constant process.
Default : NULL
verbose : Bool (pass by const reference)
If true displays warnings and information messages.
Default : FALSE

Return Type