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fnBiogeographyCladoEventsBD(RealPos[] speciation_rates, RealPos[] within_region_features, RealPos[][] between_region_features, RealPos[] rate_multipliers, Natural max_range_size, Natural max_subrange_split_size)


speciation_rates : RealPos[] (pass by const reference)
The vector of speciation rates (1: within-region, 2: between-region).
within_region_features : RealPos[] (<constant> pass by value)
The within-region feature vector.
Default : NULL
between_region_features : RealPos[][] (<constant> pass by value)
The between-region feature matrix.
Default : NULL
rate_multipliers : RealPos[] (pass by const reference)
The rate multipliers for hidden rate classes.
Default : NULL
max_range_size : Natural (pass by value)
The maximum range size.
Default : 0
max_subrange_split_size : Natural (pass by value)
The maximum size of a daughter subrange following a between-region speciation event.
Default : 0

Return Type