Rev Language Reference



dnUltrametricTree(Distribution__TimeTree treePrior, Distribution__RealPos ratePrior, RealPos rootAge, Probability rootBranchFraction, TraceTree trees, Trace density)


treePrior : Distribution__TimeTree (pass by value)
The prior distribution for the time tree (divergence times).
ratePrior : Distribution__RealPos (pass by value)
The prior distribution for the branch rates.
rootAge : RealPos (pass by reference)
The root age variable.
rootBranchFraction : Probability (pass by reference)
The fraction of how much of the root branch is assigned to the left subtree.
Default : NULL
trees : TraceTree (pass by value)
The trace of tree samples.
density : Trace (pass by reference)
Optional trace of probability density values for each tree.
Default : NULL

Domain Type