Rev Language Reference



summarizeCharacterMaps(Tree tree, AncestralStateTrace[] character_map_trace_vector, TraceTree tree_trace, String file, Probability burnin, String separator/delimiter, Bool verbose)


tree : Tree (pass by value)
The input tree to summarize ancestral states over.
Default : NULL
character_map_trace_vector : AncestralStateTrace[] (pass by value)
A vector of stochastic character map traces.
tree_trace : TraceTree (pass by value)
A trace of tree samples.
Default : NULL
file : String (pass by value)
The name of the file to store the summarized character histories.
burnin : Probability (pass by value)
The fraction/number of samples to discard as burnin.
Default : 0.25
separator/delimiter : String (pass by value)
The field separator character. Values on each line of the file are separated by this character. If sep = "" the separator is 'white space', that is one or more spaces, tabs, newlines or carriage returns.
verbose : Bool (pass by value)
Printing verbose output
Default : TRUE

Return Type