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dnPhyloMultiSampleOrnsteinUhlenbeckREML(Tree tree, RealPos alpha, Real theta, RealPos sigma, RealPos[] withinSpeciesVariances, Real rootStates, Natural nSites, Taxon[] taxa)


tree : Tree (pass by const reference)
The tree along which the character evolves.
alpha : RealPos (pass by const reference)
The rate of attraction/selection (per branch).
Default : 1
theta : Real (pass by const reference)
The optimum value (per branch).
Default : 1
sigma : RealPos (pass by const reference)
The rate of random drift (per branch).
Default : 1
withinSpeciesVariances : RealPos[] (pass by const reference)
The per species within-species variances.
rootStates : Real (pass by const reference)
The vector of root states.
Default : 0
nSites : Natural (pass by value)
The number of sites which is used for the initialized (random draw) from this distribution.
Default : 10
taxa : Taxon[] (pass by value)
The vector of taxa which have species and individual names.

Domain Type