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dnPhyloMultivariateBrownianREML - Phylogenetic Multivariate Brownian Motion

Multivariate Brownian motion over a phylogeny with variance-covariance matrix rateMatrix.


dnPhyloMultivariateBrownianREML(Tree tree, RealPos branchRates, MatrixRealSymmetric rateMatrix)


tree : Tree (pass by const reference)
The tree along which the process evolves.
branchRates : RealPos (pass by const reference)
The per branch rate-multiplier(s).
Default : 1
rateMatrix : MatrixRealSymmetric (pass by const reference)
The variance-covariance matrix.

Domain Type


# generate a tree and variance-covariance matrix.
psi ~ dnUniformTimeTree(1, [taxon("A"),taxon("B"),taxon("C")])
Sigma <- diagonalMatrix(5)

# generate the multivariate data.
x ~ dnPhyloMultivariateBrownianREML(tree=psi, rateMatrix=Sigma)

# print the simulated data.

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