Rev Language Reference



  • fnCladoProbs


fnDECCladoProbs(Simplex eventProbs, Natural numCharacters, Natural maxRangeSize, String probType, Bool widespreadAllopatry, String[] eventTypes, RealPos[][] connectivityGraph, RealPos[][] vicarianceGraph)


eventProbs : Simplex (pass by const reference)
The probabilities of the different event types.
numCharacters : Natural (pass by value)
The number of characters.
maxRangeSize : Natural (pass by value)
The maximum range size.
Default : 0
probType : String (pass by value)
Assign event weights over classes of patterns or over specific patterns
Default : pattern
Options : pattern|class
widespreadAllopatry : Bool (pass by value)
Allopatry may result in both daughter ranges being larger than size 1.
Default : FALSE
eventTypes : String[] (pass by value)
Vector of cladogenetic event types.
connectivityGraph : RealPos[][] (<constant> pass by value)
Connectivity graph of allowed ranges.
Default : [ ]
vicarianceGraph : RealPos[][] (<constant> pass by value)
Graph to model vicariance events.
Default : [ ]

Return Type